Frequently Asked Questions

Who is AlMaghrib Institute for?

Whether you are an average Muslim seeking to increase your faith, a new Muslim or from any kind of faith wanting to learn about Islam as an avid student seekind to expand your knowledge, young or old, AlMaghrib is for you!

How do the AlMaghrib seminars work?

AlMaghrib Institute offers seminars in double- and single-weekend seminars. All seminars start on a Friday night and continue on Saturday and Sunday. Most seminars are double-weekend seminars and thus continue on the following second weekend.

The seminars take place on-location (not online) in almost 50 cities across the world. To see which cities are hosting AlMaghrib seminars, please visit our Qabeelah Page.

What are the instructors' qualifications?

AlMaghrib Institute prides itself in hiring the very best and most qualified instructors available, those who are able to connect with students and bring the knowledge to life, making it relevant, easy and a great experience. In selecting instructors, we seek people who: have a higher education degree (an Islamic arts degree is preferred), have a good command of the English language, have experience teaching university-aged students, have upright character, and have a willingness to learn and adopt exciting new teaching techniques. For more information about our esteemed instructors, please visit our Instructors Page.

How do I register for a seminar?

You can register for one of AlMaghrib Institute’s seminars by going to the Enrollment Page on our website.

Are there any prerequisites for the seminars?

There are no prerequisites for our seminars; however, for more advanced seminars, there is a recommended level of knowledge. For such seminars, instructors will provide students with a recommended list of readings prior to the start of the seminar.

Where is the seminar material from?

AlMaghrib Institute’s binders are specifically designed for its seminars. The course material is designed and developed by our instructors in conjunction with AlMaghrib Institute’s Academic Department. The materials that students are given in the seminars are usually a synthesis of classical and traditional texts, shaped to be more relevant and to specifically benefit modern audiences.

How are the seminars conducted?

A set of rules and procedures are detailed on the first day, with an emphasis on proper etiquette and respect for knowledge. Seminars are generally conducted in lecture format with visual aids, and with regular question and answer sessions. Additionally, AlMaghrib seminars also contain group-learning sessions, where students are divided into smaller groups to study and learn together. Activities and presentations assigned to students vary from seminar to seminar and instructor to instructor, and are clearly explained during the seminar.

How is the seating arranged?

Men and Women are seated in the same classroom together, facing the instructor. Everyone has an open, clear view of the instructor and the visual presentation. We also arrange where possible a "Mother & Baby" room where mothers can attend with their young children in a separate room via an AV feed so as to maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect, privacy and comfort for all attendees.

What is the level of student-teacher interaction?

AlMaghrib seminars are conducted live and in person, not via the Internet. As a result, the level of student-teacher interaction is unchallenged by most other Islamic institutions and learning centers. Students have the opportunity to build a physical and direct connection with the instructors, including the ability to ask questions openly during the question and answer sessions and even accompany the instructors at some points for lunch and casual activities. After the seminar, students may log on to the AlMaghrib Student Forums where they can continue to interact with the instructor and fellow students long after the seminar has ended.

Is there an exam? Where and what kind?

About 4-5 weeks after the completion of an AlMaghrib seminar, an exam is administered online. The exam is in multiple-choice format and can be conducted from the comfort of your own home. The challenge of the exam truly maximizes the benefit students attain from the seminar, and helps them retain the knowledge they have acquired.

Are AlMaghrib seminars accredited?

By the grace of Allah, AlMaghrib Institute became the largest Islamic Sciences student body in the West, surpassing all other higher Islamic education programs. This gift from Allah has offered AlMaghrib Institute the opportunity to design and support its self-accredited Islamic Sciences Bachelor’s Degree program.

A dedicated academic department led by Dean of Academic Affairs, Shaykh Yasir Qadhi, has been established to strategize the upcoming phases of AlMaghrib Institute’s development, particularly an independent accreditation process and degree for AlMaghrib students.

AlMaghrib Institute is not affiliated or accredited by any independent body, and therefore our courses are not transferable to other schools or applicable for VA Education Benefits.

To view our curriculum, please visit our Curriculum Page.

I would like a transcript; how do I get one?

You may order an electronic unofficial transcript for $5 or a hardcopy official transcript mailed to you for $20. First, log in to your MyAlMaghrib account and verify your seminars and grades are accurate, then make your order by emailing

How can I invite an instructor to an event in my community?

Our instructors are on a very demanding yearly schedule. From time to time, however, they do attend community events around the world. To invite an instructor to an event in your community, please fill out our Speaker Request Form and send it to

How does AlMaghrib choose the cities in which to conduct seminars?

We accept proposals and advice from local communities and from people who are interested in bringing AlMaghrib to their city. For more information on how to bring AlMaghrib to your city, please email

When is the next AlMaghrib seminar in my city?

To see our schedule of upcoming seminars, visit our Seminars Page.

I can't afford the seminar. Is there any type of financial assistance available?

One of the strengths of AlMaghrib Institute's program is that students make a financial commitment to the seminar. This benefits AlMaghrib Institute by keeping its program financially healthy and focused on education (not fundraising). In addition, the financial commitment to the seminar benefits the student by keeping them focused and dedicated.

We understand, however, that not everyone is in the same circumstances with regard to financial means. Thus, financial assistance, including a payment plan, may be available for students. If you are interested in a payment installment plan, please register first and you will find the details for the payment plan at the bottom of the payment page which will appear after the registration page. You may also inquire about sponsorships through your local Qabeelah by contacting them directly. For their contact information please see Qabeelah Page.

Why is there a tuition charged for seminars dealing with Religion?

With no Faith governing body to financially support religious knowledge, as was traditionally found in the past, the AlMaghrib Institute model is based on detailed and measured experience, and has worked best in current times. Our higher objective is to determine how we can get this knowledge to people in such a way that they will cherish it and use it. That is why, after much discussion and scholarly consultation the affordable tuition model was adopted.

Is there a discount if members from the same family are attending? What about if I am coming from out of town?

AlMaghrib Institute is focused on a university seminar model of education in which a degree is to be awarded in the end. Along these lines, AlMaghrib Institute has established an amaanah (trust) that if the affordable tuition model is to be adopted, then all students are equal in this. All discounts have therefore already been applied and offered to everyone.

You may also inquire about sponsorships through your local Qabeelah by contacting them directly. For their contact information please see Qabeelah Page.

I'm not able to make it to the seminar. Can I be refunded my money? How do I cancel my registration?

Please see our registration policies for more information on cancellation and refund policy.

What is an IlmRush card and how can I get one?

An IlmRush card grants you unlimited seminars per year with additional perks. It’s made available for volunteers at the start of every year. For more information on its benefits and how to purchase one, please contact us.

Where should I send my check for the seminar?

Please see our Contact Page for our office locations. Checks or money orders should be made out to AlMaghrib Institute.

What is a Qabeelah/tribe? What is a liwaa?

Each AlMaghrib chapter established in a city develops a student body. This student body is what we refer to as a Qabeelah. This Qabeelah system empowers the local communities to benefit their people, encourages healthy competition, adds a sense of fun to the work we do.

The Liwaa cup is awarded to the top performing Qabeelah every year.

Where should I stay if I’m coming from out of town?

If you’re attending a seminar from out of town, consult the local Ameer/Ameerah who can help direct you to a local masjid, a brother/sister who is willing to accommodate you, or a close by, inexpensive hotel. In addition, you can discuss ideas about places to stay by posting on the forums. Posting on the forums will also give you an opportunity to get to know other students who are planning on attending the upcoming seminar.

Do AlMaghrib Institute’s instructors and students subscribe to a particular methodology, movement, or group?

Our motto at AlMaghrib Institute, is this: we teach Islam without labels. This is something we remind in our seminars, and something all our instructors adhere to in our educational platform. Our program is all-inclusive. If you are a student wishing to study Islam in a fun and engaging style, from the classical books of Islam, without being accused or labelled and without having to listen to accusations and labels of others, then you’ve found the right institute of learning.

We do not tolerate our platform, seminars, or online forum to be a place where anyone is disrespected. Issues that need to be addressed are done so in an academic manner, without mentioning individuals, nor by mentioning groups.

What are the forums and what is their purpose?

The AlMaghrib Community Forum is an online location where students can interact with each other and with the instructors of AlMaghrib at any time. Additionally, partner projects of AlMaghrib (specifically and have folders on our community forum where fans of those services can join with the AlMaghrib online community.

The AlMaghrib community forum is focused on our seminars. It is dedicated to providing continuous support for our students and those around the world interested in the knowledge offered by AlMaghrib and its partner projects. Our moderation level is strong in order to create a safe, respectful and beneficial online destination for all our students.

We pray you’ll enjoy and benefit from our AlMaghrib community forum, another unique ingredient, alhamdulillah, in the AlMaghrib winning educational model.

I can only attend one weekend of the seminar. What should I do?

Because AlMaghrib Institute’s seminars are part of a degree program, there are no partial fees. Students attending one weekend of the seminar are responsible for the complete tuition. If circumstances do not allow for a student to attend both weekends of the seminar at the same location, the student may request approval in advance to attend the missed weekend in another location by emailing

Is babysitting provided?

AlMaghrib Institute does not provide babysitting due to the liability this may incur to the Institute. Oftentimes, individuals volunteer to organize babysitting arrangements during the seminar as a service to the students. You can find out more about whether such a service has been initiated for an upcoming seminar by contacting your Qabeelah.

What are the seminar timings?

A typical seminar begins on Friday from 7:00pm – 10:00pm. It then continues on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am to 7:00pm. Specific seminars may differ depending on local factors; to stay updated, visit the Upcoming Seminars page.

If I have to miss one of the days, may I still attend?

If due to unavoidable circumstances you are unable to attend one day of the seminar, you may request notes from the Ameer/Ameerah or fellow students. However, the tuition fee is still fully applicable, and the final exam does cover all of the material covered in all days.

My son/daughter is 12 years old. May they register?

AlMaghrib Institute does not accept any student under the age of fourteen without written consent by the parent or guardian of the individual. Individuals under the age of fourteen may be subject to special consideration from AlMaghrib administration, including a phone interview or required essay. Additionally, some AlMaghrib seminars have a fixed age restriction which is enforced with no exceptions. Please email to find out the procedure for allowing your son/daughter to attend.

How are the Ameers and Ameerahs chosen? What do they do?

Ameers and Ameerahs are chosen by their local student community through a process of nomination and voting. They represent the student body of their respective Qabeelah and are responsible for the organization, setup, and logistics of the seminar in their city. Additionally, they act as “cheerleaders” for class morale, unity, and commitment. To see who the Ameer and Ameerah are of a Qabeelah, you may view the Locations page.

I have a personal/fiqhi question. How can I contact one of the instructors?

AlMaghrib Institute administration considers the contact information of our instructors to be an amaanah, a trust, which we take very seriously. As a rule, we do not give out the phone numbers, email addresses, or other personal information of our instructors. We would suggest re-directing your query to the forums or to a local imam or teacher who may be better able to assess your personal situation and give advice that is more suitable.

In regards to fiqhi rulings or fatawa, our instructors prefer re-directing such questions to those who specialize in giving rulings. The reasons for this are: the level of accountability that comes with answering questions relating to the deen; the amount of time and energy expended towards research and deriving rulings, which is better done by others who focus on this task; and the fullness of their schedules as instructors for AlMaghrib Institute and as local imams and teachers as well.

The following is a list of websites that may be helpful to those seeking out fiqhi rulings: (Note: AlMaghrib Institute does not necessarily endorse these answers.)

    Other Websites
  • Islam Question & Answer
  • Assembly of Muslim Jurists in America
  • Muslim American Society’s Fatwa Corner
  • ISNA Fiqh Q&A by Dr. Muzzamil Siddiqui

If I have a question, concern or suggestion for AlMaghrib Institute, where may I submit it?

We welcome your feedback and would love to answer your questions! Feel free to email us at: to share any ideas, suggestions, or ask any questions that you may have.

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